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 Rules and Regs

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Admin - Clan Leader
Admin - Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Rules and Regs   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:43 pm

  • Rule (Ban Time)

  • You must be a member of Shadow Company to join (Permanent Ban)
  • Your forum name must be the same as your World of Tanks name (Permanent Ban)
  • No nudity, or other rude pictures on the forum (First: 3 Day Ban; Second: Permanent Ban)
  • No abusive or innapropriate launguage (First: Warning; Second: 3 Day Ban; Third: Permanent)
  • No non-clan related discussions, except in General Discussion (First: Deletion of topic and 3 day ban; Second: 14 Day ban and deletion of topic; Third: Permanent ban and deletion of topic)

These rules must be followed, and respected. Also, occasional 1 day bans will be issued for disrespecting people with a higher rank, on or off the forum. To report a post to us, simply click the ! At the top of a post.

"We are a multi-national task force of the elite of tankers. Whether your in a Leichttraktor, or a Maus, all you need is the skills. We are ready to act and deploy anywhere and confront any enemies, large or small."
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Rules and Regs
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